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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Planning your wedding can feel overwhelming and stressful. That is why the Ottawa Wedding Planner was established in 2002. We know that having local resources at your fingertips will help make your wedding planning an enjoyable experience. There are several features that set us apart. We have a wedding directory filled with local Ottawa wedding vendors featuring beautifully displayed ads. You can get all the information you need to plan your wedding. We also have the ability for you to be able to share your engagement or love story. We keep our local events page up-to-date with Ottawa & area wedding shows, and other wedding related events. On the events page, you can sign up for our email newsletter, where we notify you of local events and wedding vendor promotions. Last but not least, we have a free member's area and iPhone App where you can sign up to receive a free wedding website and other planning tools.

Flowers 101 for Your Wedding


Unless you already work with flowers or have experience with seasonal bouquets, choosing flowers for your wedding might come as a challenge if you’re not sure what’s in bloom during the season you intend to marry in. Florists can get out-of-season flowers flown in, but you’ll pay top dollar for those blooms than if you pick from what’s in season locally. Before choosing flowers at random you should decide if you want a large floral bouquet, or something more subdue, like wise […]

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Backyard Wedding Affair


Intimate backyard weddings can have all the style and flair of a wedding that takes place at a church or a reception hosted at a hotel. In order to get the dreamy wedding you’ve always wanted, make sure you have the right decor. When you’re choosing decorations for a backyard wedding, think multi-purpose and your wedding will have that home away from home feel. Planning is key, before ordering chairs and tents decide what time of day your planning to […]

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All In One Venue

All In One Venue

If you want to marry in the same place that you plan to have your reception in, you can usually get a deal through a hotel, conference/meeting centre or museum/library that allow weddings on site. In order to get this all inclusive deal you’ll need to have the specifics of your wedding roughly pre-planned, how long do you plan to use the facilities, how many guests, the necessary rentals, and catering to start. Some of these you can get referrals […]

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Get Married at a Museum!

Canadian Museum of Nature

Getting married in a museum is a growing trend amongst brides and grooms. Museums offer a unique and personal feel to the wedding, especially if the museum holds a certain amount of meaning to the couple. Due to their grand architecture and interior design, a museum can bring the WOW factor to your nuptials. Imagine the pictures you and your guests could take while in the museum, it would be enjoyable for everyone. Another reason for getting married in a museum […]

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Outdoor Weddings

lace 2

If you love nature and want to incorporate that into your wedding day, what better way than to have an outdoor wedding. Of course having an outdoor wedding can come with challenges, but none too big to be overcome. First you have to decide where you want to get married. Good places to start are local museum grounds, golf and country clubs, estate grounds, parks, or even your own backyard. If you plan on having a wedding in the park, you’ll have […]

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Ceremony Music


Choosing your processional and recessional music can be fun! If you’re looking to go the classical route, then you have to look no further than these songs: Wedding March by Mendelssohn, Bridal Chorus by Wagner, Canon in D by Pachelbel, or Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel. You’ll have heard these at many weddings before, and they are all approved by mothers, churches and generally wedding goers everywhere. If you want to walk down the isle to something that […]

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Your clergy choice will be easy if you or your spouse has been attending a church, but for secular couples choosing an officiant can take a lot of research and referrals. Choosing the right officiant not only means the tone will be set by the clergy person, but that you’ll be happy with the ceremony as well. Before you pick a name out of the phonebook you should do some research, talk with your fiancé, each set of parents, friends […]

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It’s very rare to live in the same city you grew up in these days, which can make the decision of where to get married difficult. Especially if your family is an hour away and his family is on the coast! With this decision looming, how do you go about deciding where to hold your nuptials? There are a number of ways to tackle this question, and it mainly has to do with the outcome of the location discussion with your […]

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Writing Your Own Vows

Ottawa Ontario

Writing your own vows is a deeply personal and emotional task, so if you decide to write your own vows, don’t wait till two weeks before the wedding because you need time to reflect on your relationship before you start writing. Once you’ve got your wedding vendors booked you should begin to write your vows. Although before you start putting a lot of time and energy into your writing you should run this idea past your officiant. They might require […]

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Choosing the Right Church


When you’re considering where you should hold your ceremony you might consider a church, which is traditional but not a necessity, unless it is meaningful to you. If you’re not a regular church goer and you decide to hold your ceremony in a particular church be prepared to speak directly with the minister/pastor/priest. You should have a list of questions you have in regards to your ceremony and the expectations of the church. You should confront any problems now and […]

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