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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Planning your wedding can feel overwhelming and stressful. That is why the Ottawa Wedding Planner was established in 2002. We know that having local resources at your fingertips will help make your wedding planning an enjoyable experience. There are several features that set us apart. We have a wedding directory filled with local Ottawa wedding vendors featuring beautifully displayed ads. You can get all the information you need to plan your wedding. We also have the ability for you to be able to share your engagement or love story. We keep our local events page up-to-date with Ottawa & area wedding shows, and other wedding related events. On the events page, you can sign up for our email newsletter, where we notify you of local events and wedding vendor promotions. Last but not least, we have a free member's area and iPhone App where you can sign up to receive a free wedding website and other planning tools.

Tent Rentals


If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding you’re most likely going to need a tent for that. If your reception venue doesn’t already have tents available it will be up to you to rent one. Before you call any tent rental company you should check with your reception or ceremony venue and ask which company they have worked with before, and which are the most reputable and call those ones. When it comes to your wedding recommendations are free gold. To […]

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How to Rent Like a Pro

Ottawa Wedding

If you are planning your wedding on your own without the help from a professional wedding planner here are some helpful tips for getting the rentals you need and getting a price you can afford. Once you’ve got your guest list finalized and your ceremony and reception site decided you might find that you need to rent extra chairs, tent or decor. Ask your ceremony or reception hall for a list of companies they have worked with and would recommend. […]

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Luxury Wedding Ideas

Machu Picchu

If you’re recently engaged and looking for some fabulous ideas to set your wedding apart from all the rest, here are some fabulous ideas that will make your wedding unique beyond your wildest dreams! Belmond is a company that owns and operates hotels, trains and cruise boats all around the globe. They have incredible hotels in stunning locations like Machu Picchu, Taormina Mare, Botswana, and Bali. They have 3 trains in Britain, and own 2 trains that run on the Oriental Express’ […]

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Finding a Florist


Bridal bouquets can come in a variety of sizes and flowers, but before you order anything you’ll need to know more than just your colour scheme. Here’s some great questions to ask your florist to make sure your getting the best bouquet for your wedding. 1) Tell the florist about your flower budget and ask her what size can she do for that amount of money. See if they have a portfolio of their work to show you, and ask […]

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Meeting with Your Caterer

her wedding planner

Once you’ve made contact with your caterer you will need to be ready to answer their questions about your food and beverage needs and your budget. Any good catering company is going to try to make your wedding dinner the best possible for the amount you can afford. Here is a list of questions that your caterer is going to ask you so they can prepare a supplemental menu and price list. 1) When and where will be the first […]

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Potluck Wedding


A potluck wedding dinner is a great way to include your guests in your wedding day. This would not be limited to local guests either, the out of town guests can bring trays of food from a grocery store, or baked goods from a local bakery. A potluck dinner can include food that the wedding couple have specifically asked their guests to make, such as family favorites, or special dishes that their guests are known for. The guests can also choose what […]

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Choosing a Catering Menu

Ottawa wedding Cash Bar

You’ve decided on your caterer and now you need to choose your meal, but first, are going to do a buffet or a sit down meal? The answer to this question will take your budget and meal choices to different places. Before you can choose a menu, you must know roughly how much money you have to spend on food and drink, and how many guests you’re inviting to your wedding. You might find that a sit down dinner actually costs […]

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How to Find the Right Caterer

Mambo Restaurant/ KINKI Restaurant

The food you serve at your wedding will eat up the majority of your budget, which is why it is important to not only find the right caterer for your needs, but to dedicate the resources you’ll need to pay for the caterer. So before you begin to speak with caterers decide on a potential food budget. Don’t choose a random caterer out of the phone book, instead ask your friends and family members for references. When it comes to […]

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Flowers 101 for Your Wedding


Unless you already work with flowers or have experience with seasonal bouquets, choosing flowers for your wedding might come as a challenge if you’re not sure what’s in bloom during the season you intend to marry in. Florists can get out-of-season flowers flown in, but you’ll pay top dollar for those blooms than if you pick from what’s in season locally. Before choosing flowers at random you should decide if you want a large floral bouquet, or something more subdue, like wise […]

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Backyard Wedding Affair


Intimate backyard weddings can have all the style and flair of a wedding that takes place at a church or a reception hosted at a hotel. In order to get the dreamy wedding you’ve always wanted, make sure you have the right decor. When you’re choosing decorations for a backyard wedding, think multi-purpose and your wedding will have that home away from home feel. Planning is key, before ordering chairs and tents decide what time of day your planning to […]

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