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Bridal Party Hotel Etiquette

HotelWhether you’re having a wedding in your home town or somewhere else, wedding etiquette dictates that the bride is responsible for the lodging of the bridal party the night before the wedding. If your parents have agreed to let the entire bridal party stay at their house that’s great, but in the case that you are out of town and your parents home is not an option, you are responsible for paying for your bridesmaids’ lodging.

You should explore the idea of getting a room at an inn or a hotel with adjoining rooms and multiple beds so the entire wedding party can stay in the same room. This also stops you from having to pay for each individual person’s room.

You can look at this as one last overnight party before you get married. Plan the night before your wedding, take your bridal party out and show them that you appreciate them and all the work they’ve done for you. You might plan to go out dancing, to the spa, or pay for their manicure and pedicures.

If you’re having a destination wedding, you are not responsible for paying for their entire hotel stay while they’re at the resort. You may still opt to pay for the bridal party to stay with you in one room the night before, but this is looked at as a vacation and paying for their stay is not necessary. But if you wanted and could afford to do so, you could offer to pay for a portion of their flights or hotel costs for the first night.

Remember that you’re wedding is a special occasion for your bridesmaids as well as you. They’ve put in time, money, and effort to see you down the isle, so make sure that your show of appreciation complements the gift from the bride. Make it a beautiful gesture of your appreciation, and they will return the feeling.

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