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Emerald Green 2013 Wedding Color

It’s official Pantone recently crowned Emerald as its 2013 Colour of the Year. If you like following wedding trends be sure to include emerald green in your wedding colours for your upcoming 2013 Ottawa wedding.

Emerald Green is described as energizing, positive, luxurious, radiant, harmonious, striking, luminous, and sophisticated…all great adjectives for an Ottawa wedding.

Emerald Green 2013 Wedding Color Trend

You can expect to see lots of emerald green inspiration all over blogs, magazines and Pinterest. Emerald Green is especially appealing in fashion and accessories. If you are a trendy Ottawa bride, you will want to feature emerald green somewhere in your wedding whether you make it your theme for you entire wedding or use it in your invitations, jewellery or flowers.

Who ever said a wedding dress has to be white. You may upset some relatives who like things traditional, but these are still fun to look at.

Collection of Emerald Green Wedding Dresses

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