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Invitation Presentation

hwpHow are you going to put your wedding in the minds of your guests beyond the invitation. There are a number of ways that you can invite guests and give them something to remember you by in the meantime.

Some companies offer mini calenders, magnets and candles as  a way to get your guests excited for your big day. You might also want to turn your invitation into a post card that has a picture of you and your fiance on it. For those who have more time and love crafts you can include little pieces like a puzzle that explains to your guests how you met, when you knew it was love and how he or she proposed.

By putting in the thought and energy into your invitations, you’re not only sharing a piece of yourself with your guests, but you are also sharing the fun of your day with the guests who are not directly involved in the planning process.

Anyone can send an invitation that is visually appealing, but it won’t give the guests a sense of the couple or the wedding they are going to attend. Your invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your affair. If you want to set the tone, or show your guests how fun you are, this is your first chance to introduce yourself and your fiance to relatives and friends that you maybe haven’t seen in a long time. A fun invitation makes your guests eagerly anticipate your wedding, give them something to get excited about!

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