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Live Music at Your Reception

ID-100212994If you love going to concerts and live music, you should consider having a band play at your wedding reception! What a great way to have a rock wedding by having a real band come and play some rock music at your dance. If it’s a band you know great! If not, get some referrals, or do a lot of digging to see which band best suits your reception needs.

When you decide on a band sit down with the manager and discuss musical preferences and song selection. This will be important as you don’t want only heavy metal music, you’re going to want a range of rock music to dance to, you might even want to consider even choosing music from across centuries, that way everyone will be pleased.

It’s okay to book a band that isn’t from your own backyard, but be sure to have another band on stand by should the first band not work out. However, you should make sure that if you do book a band from another city that they also have accommodations nearby so you know that they are accessible to the reception.

Remember that you can’t ask the band to learn to play music that requires an instrument they don’t have, like they need someone to play a cello, but they’re a rock band, so remember to keep your expectations real. You can however discuss musical tastes and what the band is comfortable playing.

You should choose a band that you’re comfortable with and have a good report with, that way you’ll feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. And remember to keep a little extra money aside for the band, that way if you feel they did an amazing job you can give them a tip.

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