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Lodging Out-of-Town Guest Etiquette

IMG_3153You are no doubt going to have out-of-town guests at your wedding. For these friends and family who will make the journey for your wedding day there are a number of things that you can do to ensure their trip is fun and coordinated.

After the invitations are sent out you can additionally send the out-of-towners an itinerary of your plans for the days around the wedding. This can include the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, brunch the morning of or the day after the wedding. This itinerary is like an extended invitation to your out-of-town guests. In the case that it’s your family traveling from out-of-town this is a way for you to spend more time with them as well.

Since these guests are probably planning their vacation around your wedding, you should suggest local sights and points of attraction for them. This way they have a general idea of how to spend their time when they’re not attending your wedding.

Although your wedding day is no doubt all about you, you should extend every courtesy possible towards your guests. The people who travel to be part of your wedding should be treated extra special because they have had to make a real journey to see you. This in no way means you should pay for their accommodations, but you should try to get those staying in hotels a deal on their rooms by negotiating with the hotel manager.

Next week’s blog will help you to negotiate hotel room rates with hotel managers.

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