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Men’s Wedding Attire

Groom in tuxedoWomen fuss over what to wear to a wedding. Lord knows I’ve run through everything in my closet only to declare nothing is fit for the wedding. But what about the man? What exactly should he wear?

Here’s a rule for the guys–always wear a suit, unless the wedding couple have decided to do something original and in line with their own tastes. A wedding is a formal event in which the couple is celebrating their love not only publicly, but formally. This will also be the first formal dinner party the couple throws.

Don’t try to outshine the wedding party, dress in a nice traditional suit. Don’t underdress for this occasion, a shirt and tie is nice, but try to put in the effort that says you’r more than happy to have been invited to this special day.

If you buy yourself a simple grey, black or navy suit you will not only use this for when you go to weddings, but wow prospective employers too. A whole suit means jacket, pants, shirt and tie.

When picking out a jacket make sure it’s not a dinner jacket, but a suit jacket. The difference is in the buttons, ask the sales person in the store to see the difference for yourself. And make sure your tie is wedding appropriate, there is a difference here as well. Patterns and colours will tell you which are more formal and which are for the workplace.

While rental tuxes can keep the look uniform, those tuxes are not made to fit you specifically. It is worth your time and money to find something that fits you well. Think of it as an investment.

Try to wear your whole ensemble until the older guests have left the dance. You’ve paid for it and should wear it as long as possible. In summer this may understandably be harder to do, but when you can, wear your jacket.

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