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Ottawa Wedding- Wedding Dress Silhouette Guide

The silhouette of a wedding dress is the basic shape and contour of the gown.  Understanding the silhouettes of a dress and deciding on the formality of your wedding will help you narrow down your wedding dress selection.

The Ball Gown:  This style fits a highly formal wedding.  The gowns have fitted corset-style bodice and a very dramatic skirt.  This style of gown suits most body types.

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“A” Line Gown:  Fitted top, the panels of the wedding dress extend in an A formation.  This style of dress has no defined waist.  Very fitting for brides with board shoulders or wide hip area.

wedding dress, ottawa wedding dress

Sheath:  Very sexy and slimming style of wedding gown.  Most bridal designers will use light fabrics on this type of wedding gown.  Brides that are very petite and well portioned will love this type of wedding dress.

wedding dress, ottawa wedding dress

Mermaid:  This dress is like the Sheath gown but is a more fitted one.  It shows all the curves of your body.  The skirt flares from the knee down.  A very romantic gown.

wedding dress, ottawa wedding dress

Empire:  This type of dress creates an illusion of a larger bust.  It’s best worn by a petite bride, or brides that are pear shape in figure as it hides the bottom part of the body elegantly.

wedding dress, ottawa wedding dress

The Ottawa Gatineau area has both trendy and traditional bridal dress shops, so there’s something for all of you!  Start shopping for your perfect wedding dress using our online wedding directory today!

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  1. erika
    September 2, 2009

    what maker is that first ballgown, I love it?????

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  2. Cookie
    September 15, 2009

    The first dress is beautiful. How much would a dress like that go for?! Please respond. Thank you.

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    • admin
      September 24, 2009


      On the link posted above. It says the price range is somewhere in the “$5000 and up” range.


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  3. Jo
    October 18, 2009

    i saw this dress on “say yes to the dress” on TLC focused on the bridal shop kleinfeld’s. i clearly remember the retail price as $24,500. the girl bought the sample dress for $14,000 or so because the lace was ripped and it’s the one everyone tries on. she had to bargain like crazy for it too. it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous dress but my goodness, $24,500?!?!?! maybe if my future husband makes at least 200k/year lol.

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  4. Lauren Erardy
    November 21, 2009


    I’m absolutely in love with the sheath dress that you have pictured above. On December 31, 2009 it will be our 16th anniversary and this dress is the one to have a renewal of vows. It’s perfect, elegant, romantic and simple. I would love to have our vows at the beach so here again it’s a perfect match. I would love to know who the designer is, this dress is a must!

    Now to talk my husband into the renewal of vows ceremony, smile! I love the dress so much I don’t think it will matter what he says, hahaha, I gotta have it!

    Thank you for your help!


    Las Vegas, NV

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