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Ottawa Wedding: To Cash Bar or Not to Cash Bar?

Ottawa wedding Cash BarMuch as you may want to avoid decisions, these will be pressed upon you when it comes to your wedding – like a hot flat iron. And like it or not, the devil will be in the details. Correspondingly, one of these mini-devils that will test your judgment capabilities is the cash bar.

Would it be better left out? Is it necessary?

First Things First

Every wedding and every celebration is distinct. Over the years, however, certain traditions have flourished – some without any easy explanation.

For instance, the Chinese set their wedding dates based on an astrological calendar. Perhaps it’s reasonable, given the fact that they have a different New Year. But to a commoner, it’s plain unexplicable.

So traditions are definitely not a must-have; going against them however is unpopular.

Merits of a Cash Bar

Cash bars rose to prominence in answer to the times. The hunch is these grew out of the busy mega-cities of today (e.g., London, Tokyo, New York) where people just don’t have the time to prepare.

Cash bars allow people who loves to drink access to the alcohol (like a deer to a river). On the other end, it frees the hosts of financial burden (theoretically). Those who ordered the drinks, foot the bill.

From a perspective of both the celebrant and the well-wishers, the cash bar seem a win-win situation.

Not so Fast, Buddy

Yet, over the years, few have brought negative feedback to a wedding as much as a cash bar. Posh weddings (with expensive wedding rings and a heavy feast) have been known to be under the heavy fire of criticism because of cash bars.

It seems many people go to a wedding expecting a feast not another bill stuck up their throat.

A Way Out

If you must do cash bars, you can give signature drinks for free as a token. This is a good gesture for everybody. And the rest is on a pay-per-order basis.

Or you could also put a cap on the drinks telling the bartender to limit the alcohol served to a certain amount. Alternatively, you can give tickets to guests or give it as a prize to the early birds.

Now you could totally do away with alcohol altogether if that is something to your liking. Just remember to have perhaps some fruit served or what-not as it may leave a bad taste in the mouth. For those who love to drink of course (which is to say most male homo sapiens).

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