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The Bridal Veil

The bridal veil is a time honored tradition whose origins are not quite clear. A veil is traditionally used for covering sacred objects, which may explain some historical insights of the bridal veil protecting the bride from evil spirits. Whatever your reason for wearing a veil, there are fun ways to do it.

You can use your veil as a piece of interest in your hair that doesn’t cover your face at all, or you can have a short veil like the 50’s style that falls just below the chin. What ever you choose to do on your wedding day, love it and rock it like no one has before you!

You might even choose to forego the veil all together.Veils can get caught in the hair and be troublesome to take out. Others might be so long and heavy they are hard to fold over your face during the ceremony and pull your hair out from hanging behind your head afterward.

In 2014 the veil can be replaced by a flapper style headband, be intricate as a lace embroidered covering for your hair, or flow from a pill box hat. You can’t go wrong! Here’s some visual inspiration for you veil decision.



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