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The Engagement Ring

Engagement RingThis one’s for the fellas. How many of you are getting ready to pop the big question, and now you’re wondering just how much should I spend on an engagement ring? Typically the answer is two or three month’s salary, but this answer is a brilliant marketing scheme thought up by the diamond companies. For a man to spend that amount he would need to be financially secure enough to be able to shell out that kind of money.

Whether you go to a store or look online there are options out there to fit your budget. You can even build your own ring for your future bride through Blue Nile.

If you are still unsure you can always get a feel for what your fiancé-to-be has to say by asking about her friend’s engagement rings. This sly little tactic will give you insights on what she likes, finds gaudy, and thinks is the right amount of bling for your buck.

Another guide will be whether your bride-to-be knows the question is coming or not. Knowing that you’re about to pop the question will raise her expectations, so you’ll have to use those expectations as a guide for the ring you will buy.

Most men spend around $5,500, but not everyone has that luxury. There are men who spend more and men who spend less. However, in the end it is up to you. You know what you can afford to put down on a ring and what would financially ruin you. If your fiancé loves you, she will love whatever you pick out.

And if these tips are only chipping away at your questions, here’s an engagement ring calculator to help you decide what you can afford to spend on a ring.

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