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Unique Wedding Invitations

hwpIf you’re ready to pick out your wedding invitations we have some ideas for you. You can do something unique and special and your guests will love your ingenuity.

There is no wrong way to invite people to your wedding as long as they have all the information they need: who, what, where, and when.

If you love crafting there are many fun ways you can make your own invitations. If you are a couple that love to travel you can buy maps and turn them into invitations by cutting and gluing the map onto the back of card stock paper. You should look online for fonts that fit the theme of your invitations. Don’t be scared to step beyond the script inspired fonts, or traditional Helvetica.

One of the new and fun ways to invite guests is by sending them a balloon with your wedding ate and information on it. Interactive and fun!

Another popular idea for destination weddings is sending out boarding tickets for invitations. There are a number of different styles of boarding passes you can choose from. Or another idea is sending concert ticket style invites. These are fun and definitely won’t be forgotten.

This last idea is not only practical but fun. Make a calendar with your wedding date marked out and all the details listed below.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, just browse the internet for ideas and find something that you love and says something about you and your relationship.

Here are a number of online invitation retailers to visit.

Vista Print

Cards and Pockets

Party City

Invitations By Dawn


Invitation Presentation
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