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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

5On your special day you want everything to go perfectly. All those hours of planning and decisions to make every moment special. So when it comes down to your wedding look you need to be just as attentive as the day you picked out your wedding dress.

Makeup artist Bobbie Brown says that a women looks her best when she looks natural, and her wedding makeup should enhance her best features. You’re going to have your picture taken all day long and these are memories that will last forever, so you want to make sure that your makeup is timeless and not dated.

Trends are great for experimentation on a here and now level, but when it comes to your wedding day that look is not going to last, because trends come and go. What is fashionable to day will not be fashionable ten years from now. (Have you seen wedding makeup from the 80’s? That’s pretty dated!)

You should get a makeup consultation from a trusted retailer. This consultation can also be something fun you do with your wedding party.On your wedding day you don’t want to spend longer getting your makeup done than it does saying your wedding vows. Also when you’re prepared and know what to expect on your wedding day it takes away anxiety about how much time your taking to get your makeup done.

So remember, when it comes to your wedding look keep it simple and enhance your natural beauty.

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