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Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette

ID-100100384A bride can’t add her registry list to the wedding invitations or tell everyone about all the things she’s registered, but she can tell a few key people about where she’s registered to get the word out. When writing the invitations to a bridal shower don’t try to make people feel compelled to buy a git for the bride by writing something like, “John and Jane just bought a new house and would greatly appreciate a gift from their registry. Instead simply inform all the party guests where the bride is registered. Be sure to include all the places the bride is registered so people from out of town can shop in their local department store chain that is mentioned in the invitation.

Some department stores offer cards to include in invitations as a reminder to guests where you’ve registered. So be sure to include these when sending out invitations for your wedding. On the other hand, if you’ve been living with your finacĂ© and already have everything you need then you might want to consider writing a little poem or line saying that any donations on your wedding day will go towards home improvements, honeymoon, or whatever it is you need more than gifts.

Remember that guests don’t have to bring gifts, but most will bring one anyway. So don’t outright ask for gifts or money, but be sure that guests know where you’re registered, or if they should bother trying to find a registry at all. Working with your brides maids and family will ensure that the word gets out, but if you feel funny asking for gifts, then don’t. Always trust your gut!

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