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Getting the Best Shoes for Your Ottawa Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerSure, you may not give it much thought. How important can shoes be anyway? But one of the fastest way to spoil your well-planned Ottawa wedding is a sore feet, if you’re not too careful that is. Get these time-tested tips to get the shoe that best fits your ‘big day’.


Plan ahead. There are as many shoe-styles as there are events and parties (e.g., stilettos, white-shoes). Some of these could dazzle you no doubt. However, to minimize bad decisions and prevent buyer’s remorse, you will have to create a plan to see what works best for your wedding.


Keep your wedding location in mind when you choose your shoe-style. For instance, stilettos may not be the best choice for a beach wedding. And so on and so forth.


Get visual. Once you’ve settled on your shoe-style get the details in. In this regard, getting into the internet may not be a bad idea. Search the web for the shoe that best fits your shoe-style. Bridal magazines will also come in handy.


If you want, Pinterest can also hasten your search. Pin your fave look to your board and see how a crowd of friends may receive it.


Solicit reviews. A good critique can be a wake-up call to get you into the right path. So soliciting reviews is a wise move. Tell your bridesmaids and friend-advisors to take a look at your Pinterest board. Alternatively, you can also  use email with the attached picture to get those criticism flowing in.


Of course, in the end the decision will still rest on you. However, what matters most is that you can arrive at the right decision without rushing things in.

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