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World's Largest Wedding Dress

Largest Chinese Wedding Dress

A Chinese bride dressed in a 2,162-meter-long wedding gown handmade by her groom’s family on her wedding day Thursday August 6th, 2009 in northeast China’s Jilin Province.

More than 200 wedding guests took more than three hours to completely unroll the wedding train, and pin 9,999 red roses made of silk on the wedding train Thursday morning, before the bride put on the dress.

The groom Zhao Peng, a 28-year-old railway worker, wanted to challenge the current Guinness World Record of a wedding dress of 1,579 meters long.

After the wedding he cut the dress to 1,984.1,022 meters, representing the number of his bride’s birthday.  What a romantic idea!  The groom had 608 crystals stitched on the dress train in memory of their 608 dating days, starting from the first time he met with her.

Wondering how much this cost?  He bought the materials and asked his relatives for help in making the wedding dress by hand, which has taken three months to finish, and cost him some 40,000 yuan (5,856 U.S. dollars).

His aunt, a dressmaker, agreed to make the design. Other family members helped search for wedding information, select dress patterns, buy the materials, do lacework, make the silk roses and stitch crystals on the dress.

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