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Wedding Favors-Finding your Wedding Thank You Gifts

Wedding Favor FramesThe idea of giving away wedding favors has been dated back several centuries.  It has been said  that wedding favors started with the Europeans, especially the higher class of Italians and French. The wedding favors were then sugar cubes, since sugar was quite an expensive commodity during that era. Sugar also symbolizes wealth and royalty.

These sugar cubes or confections were placed inside small trinket boxes called “Bonbonieres”. The boxes were made of crystal, porcelain or metal and decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. The bonbonieres were given by the bride and groom to their wedding guests as gestures of thanks for sharing in their wedding day.

Since a wedding day is regarded as good luck and to beginning of much happiness, giving this gift is like extending a piece of your happiness to your guests.  Different cultures have different traditions in what is given as a bonboniere.  The most traditional and one we still see today is to distribute this good luck by preparing a small gift of almond candies, beautifully wrapped in an elegant fabric. The custom is to provide five almonds to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

Some brides like to attach their bonboniere to a thank you gift.  There are different types of wedding thank you favors a bridal couple can purchase. Some couples decide to make a donation to an organization of their choice in lieu of purchasing a thank you gift for their guests, other purchase a small keepsake gift, such as a frame or candle holder. Whatever your choice, wedding favors are a nice gesture, one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your guests your thankfulness, the thought only goes a long way. Whether you are having a beach wedding or a garden wedding, HerWeddingShop has what you are looking for. Check us out today!

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