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5 Tips to Bridal Registry

1) Give Yourself Time to Register: The earlier you register, the sooner you know that everything you want to available and on your registry.

2) Register Together: You should try to register together.  By doing this you can eliminate alot of items that you really don’t need. It’s easy to get carried away and register for 3 muffins tins and 2 different types of bottle opens.  However, you should register for whatever you want regardless of the price.  You may not get that $500.00 duvet cover from your friends, but perhaps receive a gift card that can be used towards its purchase.

3) Check Back Often:  You should check back every so often to make sure that everything is OK with the registry.  If you know your Aunt Maria bought you the iron and ironing board for your bridal shower, make sure the store has crossed it off your registry.  Make sure you understand and agree to the return policy.

4) Think of your Guests:  Make sure the store offers a couple of different ways that your guests can purchase your registered items: online, phone or in-store.  Register for a variety of different priced items so that your guests can make a comfortable decision on the amount spent on your gift.

5) Thank-yous:  Have those thank you cards ready to go as you begin receiving your registered items.  Keeping on top of this makes things much easier for you in the long run.

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