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Unique Wedding Bouquets in Ottawa

Flower hunting? Wedding bouquet adds beauty to the bride’s glowing look on her wedding day. That’s the reason why most brides take time in choosing the flowers for their wedding.

Most brides choose flowers of the same shade with that of the motif. Some choose the kind of flowers because of what they mean, like happiness, I love you, among others. But modern brides are starting to choose unique bouquet arrangements.

Here are some modern, out-of-the-floral-box wedding bouquets:


Brooch Wedding BouquetHer Wedding Planner

Brooch is a decorative jewelry to be attached to garments with enamel or gematones. With its different shapes and colors from flowers to hearts, it can give a vintage impression to your bridal look or can make you look glittering or bejeweled.




Her Wedding Planner

Button Wedding Bouquet

Buttons are simple and colorful items that when mixed with little creativity can become a unique yet beautiful wedding bouquet. This can help you save wedding costs and can make you look sweet and innocent without appearing economical.



Knitted Flower Bouquet

Her Wedding Planner Love knitting and have a knack for it? A Knitted Flower Bouquet is a good idea as you put your skill into advantage. Aside from being budget-friendly, you can save and treasure your bouquet for years.





Her Wedding PlannerPaper Bouquet

Either your favorite book pages or your favorite musical sheet can be a good Paper Flower Bouquet. It is especially nice if you and your soon-to-be hubby are into books or music. It’s really putting your personality into your wedding elements.




These are just few ideas for brides who are adventurous for their most special day. Some of these are even Do-It-Yourself, cheaper and are very easy to make. You can search online for guide on how to make them or where to purchase.

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