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Keeping Your Wedding Reception Choices Simple

her wedding plannerSo finally, your guest list is all set for the ‘day you walk down the aisle’ in Ottawa. Sooner rather than later another big question pops out: Where will you have your celebration? You need to know your options and weigh their pros and cons. Well, here’s a quick view.


Technically, all wedding receptions fall down in 2 categories. Either they are a sit-down or a cocktail.


Sit-downs are more formal. It is the more organized approach. So if you want to savor your ‘big day’ to the last minute of it with your company of choice, sit-downs are perfect.


An example of a sit-down reception (which has caught on lately) is the barn wedding. You prep the place, set the decors, arrange food and catering, lightings etc. Sit-downs will provide you with an awful lot of time and wonderful memories. The down side is they take a lot of time to prepare and leave a big hole in your wallet.


Another option is the picnic. Not much preparation to do. Just a call to your fave sandwich bar and you’re ready to go. Very budget-friendly and great for outdoor-lovers.


Another not-so-fussy option is the simple cake-cutting. Just book a café and you’re ready to go. Or why not do it in the house? No biggie. Only thing is this type may exact a lot more focus from your guests when you do the toasts. If you plan to do one.


Last but not least, is the outdoor sit-down reception which can be in the form of a garden wedding or a beach wedding. These are great for the pictures. Really neat. Only thing is a little change in the weather might cause your throngs of witnesses to run for cover.


And if you’re not too careful, a little too much sand may cause your guests to head home faster than you’d expect.

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