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How to Achieve that 10-Pound-Thinner Look on Your Wedding Day Without Dieting

Her Wedding PlannerBeing at your best on your wedding day is anyone’s dream. However, time could work against you with all the preparations that you have to do. Herewith are some great tips to achieve a leaner look without having to go on a fastidious diet.


Dress to Accentuate Your Strong Points

Your choice of a wedding gown matters. Choose one that lets you flaunt your best asset – hiding your less fabulous aspects in the process.

For instance, a strapless full-skirted gown could go a long way to hide your hips. So does a romantic empire waist style. On the other end, corseted ball gowns tend to suck everything in, sculpting your waist and accentuating your bust but keeping your thighs and hips at bay.

On the other end, a mermaid-style gown allows you to show off those curves or give you some.  For a general fit, go with A-line silhouettes: generous for most body types.


Add-on Support Goes a Long Way

Undergarments – fitted well – provide key support for a stunning silhouette. Get to a boutique specialist and widen your options to produce good cleavage. Also, good shapewear (like Spanx) could be ideal for a better fit on your lower half.

Moreover, getting a 2-inch lift from high heels is a boost. However, for lesser foot stress, you may want to do away with stilettos in favor of a wedge heel.


Pose for Success

Lastly, keeping the right pose could make you more camera-friendly. For instance, keeping your shoulders back helps increase your vertical view. Also, a little forward push on your chin forward surely flatters your jawline.

Further, instantly achieve narrower hips and waist by tilting your shoulders in the photographer’s direction keeping your hips on an angle. As for your arms, pressing them against your body is  a no-no; rather put a little distance to create better results.


Now, all these seems a tall order but a full-length mirror and some practice days before can go a long way. Besides, putting your best foot forward on your ‘big day’ could get you a boatload of memories that lasts a lifetime.

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