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    Select a wedding cake vendor in Ottawa so they can create a beautiful cake design just for you. These cake specialist will assist you with finding a cake that is within your budget and reflects your taste and taste buds. Your wedding cake can become a piece of art for you and all of your guests to enjoy!



All Events Planning Services

58 Castleton Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 5N5
(613) 228-0718

Avant-Garde Designs

15 Birchfield Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2M 2N4
(613) 271-7474

Grazie Gifts

(613) 867-8360

Orleans Bakery

2122 St Joseph Blvd., Orleans, Ontario K1C 1E6
(613) 837-2525

Partner Weddings & Events

303 Galston Private, Orleans, ON K1W 0G3
(613) 282-7188

Rainbow Chan

1252 Lawrence Ave East, Suite 207B, Toronto, Ontario M3A 1C3
(647) 299-0208

Sugar and Spice Custom Cakes

(613) 769-8439

The Gathering Event Company

515 Southfield Way, Ottawa, Ontario K4A 0H2
(613) 897-0411

Weddings InStyle

107 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M5
(613) 440-4446

WOW Events

(613) 863-9566



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