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9 must-have photos for your picture-perfect wedding

9 must-have photos for your picture-perfect wedding

Nowadays, more and more wedding photographers are aiming at getting unique photos at every wedding they attend. Using modern photo equipment, they are able to get the most of each wedding photo. The Internet is full of unique wedding photo sessions where many wedding photographers take inspiration from to guarantee each couple a wedding album that truly resonates with their personalities and style.

There are, however, several wedding photos that each wedding photographer should take. These shortlisted wedding photos are a must have for any picture-perfect wedding. Chances are your wedding photographer is already well aware of them but it doesn’t hurt to mention them, especially if there are any particular details you insist he captures on camera:

  1. Getting ready (both sides)

Getting ready photos are usually what any wedding photo album starts with. They set the beginning of your wedding day adventure and are a great way to capture on camera the anticipation and emotion in the bride and groom’s eyes.

  1. The wedding dress

Yes, we know you have already taken about a hundred photos of her majesty, the dress, with your phone. A professional wedding photographer, however, will undoubtedly take its best photos and create a memory of your dress just the way you saw it for the first time. Sigh.

  1. The rings

No wedding photo album goes without featuring an image of your wedding rings. Make sure you let your wedding photographer know if they are engraved on the inside so he is able to capture the personal engravings as well!

  1. The wedding invitations

If you come to think about it, your wedding invitations were what it all started with. It is so easy to forget about this photo as wedding invitations, unlike your wedding cake or wedding rings, for example, are not actually present on your wedding day. That’s why you should set aside one set of your invitation suits and give it to your wedding photographer when the time comes so he can get the best shot of it.

  1. The wedding bouquet

We know that you will have many photos of your wedding bouquet in your hands but an image of your bouquet in an artistic setting that your wedding photographer has chosen is a different thing. Trust us.

  1. The accessories

There will be actually more than one image pertaining to this category. Here’s what the accessories photo bundle includes: your accessories (hair accessories, veil, earrings, etc.); the groom’s accessories (belt, tie, boutonniere, etc.).

  1. The first look

This can actually be divided in two: the moment when the groom sees you for the first time and the moment when you emerge in front of your bridesmaids in your wedding dress.

  1. The bridal party

Most wedding photographers create amazing photo sessions of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. They are usually matching the overall wedding’s theme and style but still have an added touch of fun and a more relaxed feeling to them.

  1. The wedding cake

The wedding cake is a real work of art. When shot on its own, it reveals all its glory and even the smallest details that you cannot enjoy to the fullest once it’s cut in pieces.

Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other traditional (and unique) wedding shots your wedding photographer will make. These are just 9 wedding photos no wedding goes without!

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